Monday, August 31, 2009

September Mtg - "Back to School"

Ready or not, September is here!

The next CityMamas mtg will be held this Wednesday, Sep 2nd at the Portland Development Commission, (222 NW 5th Ave and Davis in old town), in the Commission Room near the lobby. As usual, this will be a brown bag lunch, starting at about n oon.

We will have a panel with a few moms with children who have recently started school in Portland (one at a neighborhood school, one at a charter school.) We hope they will be able to impart their wisdom and experience around selecting a school for their child and give pointers to those of us who have that decision coming up in the near future.

Here are two articles on the topic:

School Choice Today, pg 12

How to Find a Great School

Please feel free to share comments and articles related to this meeting via the new blog!

CityMamas Blog

Welcome to the CityMamas blog!

We hope you will "follow" us and contribute often. Any member of the group is welcome to get posting rights, just email Darcy,, with your personal email.

We plan to use this blog to get out info about upcoming meetings and follow up afterward with extra articles and comments, and generally share resources. Mindy will lead the way with sharing recipes regularly, and if you have something you'd like to share, please do! This will be a place for us to connect, especially with moms who work outside of downtown or just can't make the meetings.

Views shared here will be our personal perspectives, not representing the City. This won't be all business, but we do want to be thoughtful and respectful of our differences.