Monday, August 31, 2009

CityMamas Blog

Welcome to the CityMamas blog!

We hope you will "follow" us and contribute often. Any member of the group is welcome to get posting rights, just email Darcy,, with your personal email.

We plan to use this blog to get out info about upcoming meetings and follow up afterward with extra articles and comments, and generally share resources. Mindy will lead the way with sharing recipes regularly, and if you have something you'd like to share, please do! This will be a place for us to connect, especially with moms who work outside of downtown or just can't make the meetings.

Views shared here will be our personal perspectives, not representing the City. This won't be all business, but we do want to be thoughtful and respectful of our differences.



  1. Here is the "official" Mission and Goals statement that was created in May 2008. It hasn't been revisited by the group to update, but still explains our general purpose, in case it's not apparent:

    City of Portland Working Moms’ Affinity Group

    Mission Statement:
    Our mission is to create a supportive environment to exchange information, ideas, and challenges unique to City of Portland Working Moms. Our group will partner with the City to advocate on behalf of working moms, and develop ways to attract, support, and retain working moms.

    Member Invitation:
    Calling all City of Portland working moms! The City of Portland Working Mom’s Affinity Group is a group for working moms, moms-to-be, and women who support the mission of the group. Whether they are babies or teenagers, children add both complexity and joy to a working mom’s life. Join this group as an opportunity to meet with fellow moms who care about creating both a meaningful career and thriving family.

    Group Policy:
    Our group will provide a safe and fun forum for Portland Working Moms. Ground rules include silencing cell phones, starting meetings on time, and treating one another with respect. Members will respect the privacy of others and exercise appropriate confidentiality. Members will be reverential of the group’s diversity, and differing parenting philosophies.

    Meeting agendas will be sent in advance, and notes will be distributed by email following each meeting. Any major decision-making will be made by group consensus of those members present at the meeting, and any minor decisions will be made by the co-chairs with as much feedback from the group as appropriate to the situation.

    List of Goals:
    •Share information and resources related to City policies affecting working moms and families
    •Share information and resources about schools and family activities
    •Share information and resources about creating community-based family safety networks
    •Facilitate social networking events
    •Create a voluntary “buddy” system for new moms returning to work
    •Survey the group of working moms to determine where there may be gaps in addressing the needs of working moms
    •Advocate for the needs of working moms, e.g. providing adequate nursing rooms, more childcare

    Proposed Activities:
    1.Monthly meetings
    2.Hold a social networking event
    3.Create a Resource Guide for Working Moms of information and resources related to City policies affecting working moms
    4.Conduct an employee survey of working moms

  2. what should be the criteria of conducting an employee surveys of working moms?