Monday, January 11, 2010

House Cleaner Recommendations

This question for sent to me from Ingrid Fish, and I'm sure there are other moms who have some good cleaners to recommend and others who are ready to outsource some of your household responsibilities:

Warren and I are looking to hire someone to clean our house on a bimonthly basis. Do you know of a good house cleaner that you would recommend? Any and all advice regarding where one might look to find a trustworthy and reliable person is more than welcome!

Thanks so much!


PS Please feel free to use this blog for this type of inquiries. I'm going to tag questions like this as household so that you can find them in the future.


  1. Note from Kathy Koch @ Water

    We have had every type of housekeeper known to man (a personal friend, and several big companies). It seems that whoever you choose does a good job for several months and then just starts to go downhill. We even had one major company steal muscle relaxers from us. We really like the one we have now. I can share the names of the companies we have used off line and share contact information for the one we use now if you are still interested. Kathy Koch

  2. PS From Darcy, I'd really like a good window washer...I'm really tired of looking through dingy pains!

  3. My cousin, Susan Sautner is an excellent housecleaner. She is going to be having surgery here on 2/16,so she will be out for up to 6 weeks. She just cleaned Alice Meyers (BES) house and did a fantastic job. Susan's cell # is 503-481-0480. Her email is

    ~ Debbie Caselton

  4. I have an excellent housecleaner for over 6 years. (503) 960-9278 Julia

  5. Thank you mama51! I will called Julia and she is coming by today to give us an estimate. What is your name? I'd like to tell her you recommended her.