Monday, November 28, 2011

  • The Five Minute Mom’s Club

    I was given this book by a mama friend for my birthday. Irony is that it took me 6 weeks to get around to reading it!

    It is a quick read and a nice collection of ideas and resources. She does not claim to be an expert, and relies on other books, websites, moms, etc. for ideas and helpful tips.

Takeaways for me:

  • Use a mesh bag in the laundry for clothes you don’t want to put in the dryer.

  • Get back to the weekly dinner rotation: Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Leftover Wednesday, Asian Thursday, Pizza/Movie Friday, etc.

  • My son is a visual and hands on learner – I should take pictures and work with him first on what he needs to do each day (brush teeth, make bed, etc.). Let him check them off a check list on his own (age 6 1/2).

  • My system of different laundry bins and washing laundry separately is still a good one. (son, workout, mama/daddy, kid sheets/bed, mama/daddy sheets/bed, kid bathroom, mama/daddy bathroom, kitchen towels/cloth napkins). Don’t all necessarily have separate bins, but are washed and sorted separately.

  • Validation for delegating and paying people if you can afford it. I have learned I do not like gardening or yard work - I paid someone to clean up my yard, plant some plants, clear out some plants, and clean my garden plot. She also gave me ideas for what to do next year (I will hire her!). Also able to afford someone to mow the yard twice a month and a heavy duty cleaning once a month. This is also forces us to clean up the yard, change/wash sheets, purge magazines, return library books, clear out the clutter at least once a month. Also a great excuse to go out to dinner as to not mess up the kitchen.

  • Just because clothes were worn once, does not necessarily mean they are dirty and need to be washed. I do this with my own clothes, but not my son’s.

  • My son can and should do more related to getting and making his own food and drinks. He loves to help (and is able), but too many things are out of reach or not in a good place. This will require some reorganization of the kitchen and fridge – so not done yet. Winter break maybe?

  • We need a better area/system for school papers and backpack unload and storage.

  • It should be important to you, not someone else. Frozen brown rice is fine for my family, otherwise we would not eat it since I burn it and frozen takes 3 minutes. Nightly everything from scratch and we all eat the same thing – not as important to me right now as all being at the table together eating similar things at least 4 nights a week (pizza/movie night included!).

  • Book is a bit dated as it relates to smart phones, electronic calendars, etc.

  • Also very car culture-centric.

What are your 5 minute tips?


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  1. I love the mesh bag idea. I'll have to try it. Week night food rotation is a great time saver - we save new dishes and fancy dishes for Sunday night and stick to the basics Mon-Fri.

    My 5 minute tip - Give Jordan chores that help me have to do less and require her to do the chores before anything fun is allowed. She can load and unload the dishwasher, feed the cats, straighten up the living room, etc.