Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Hope all is well with you and your family this cold and icy January day. A few updates and information for you to start the new year.

Children's Relief Nursery http://www.crn4kids.org/ . We are still collecting items (http://www.crn4kids.org/get-involved/in-kind-donations ) and money for the Children's Relief Nursery for our holiday giving. Mindy Brooks at the 1900 Bldg. (7th floor) has a big pile and I am picking it up on Thursday, 1/17. I will do a final pick up at my desk (PDX Bldg; 9th floor) on Tuesday, 1/22. Make Monday, 2/21 a Day of Service rather than a day off and clean your closets and/or shop for CRN. Owen, my mom and I will be shopping with the cash and gift cards donated plus our own contributions. http://www.crn4kids.org/get-involved/in-kind-donations  

Lunch: Lora will send out a lunch meeting via outlook. Probably Laughing Planet or Cafe Yum for a casual lunch.

Happy Hour: I will send out a notice for another (early) happy hour sometime in March - trying not to hit all the Comp Plan meetings or spring breaks.

Speaker: Darcy is working on a speaker for April.
Please let us know any topics, speakers, events, etc. you would like to see in the new year.

Courtney, Lora and Darcy

co-chairs, PDXcityMamas

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