Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kindergarten Roundup Time!

For those of you who will have Kindergarteners this fall, or those of you who are just curious and want a little inside information on Portland Public Schools, check out these resources:

Here's some information about Kindergarten on PPS' website, including Kindergarten readiness booklets with activities for your children and information for parents, Roundup calendars, and information regarding before and after care.  Check out the roundup calendar if you plan to attend this year!  Some of the roundups have already started. 

Also, if you're curious about the school lottery experience, read Darcy's recent guest post here.  School choice website is here and as Darcy's blog post cites, check out the Scoop on Schools for a parent-insider view of how to navigate school options, including non-PPS.

Also, if you want a little insight from urbanmamas, here's a post from last year at this time, with lots of resources as well.  

Good luck!

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