Thursday, February 23, 2012

School Fundraisers: Family CIrcle Artcile and Your Thoughts

We are in the midst of school auction and fundraising season here in Portland at least. I thought this was an interesting and thought provoking article from Family Circle. Our school (Title 1, w/60% free and reduced lunch) tried to do an "ask" to cover the fundraising we used to do with paper, cookies, etc. I think it was $4.50 per child. We have not yet reached this goal. To contrast schools - we are looking to raise $35,000 - the most we have ever raised - at our auction on Saturday and trying to get 200 people. In contrast, a school in same cluster just a few miles away made over $85,000 at their auction. I have not even been to the auction and have already spent at least $300 on: wine donations (two wine showers with three $10 bottles of wine each), stuff for a New Orleans dinner basket including Treme DVD, tickets (including sponsored tickets for families that can’t afford them and one for the student teacher). In addition, I will host a dinner for six in April, and a nature park play-date for four kids in June.

What are your thoughts on the article and school fundraisers in general?


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