Monday, June 21, 2010

The Mother PAC

Some urbanMama friends have started a PAC. Check her email and invite out.

Introducing The Mother PAC
Just this Spring I co-created an Oregon Political Action Committee (yes, a PAC) with 9 other Oregon mothers with one goal: to elect legislators in Oregon who will champion the public policies families need. Some examples: paid family leave, affordable child care, excellent public schools, and an environment that isn't toxic for our kids. You know, the basic stuff every family needs to thrive (but doesn't currently have).

Why a PAC? We don't have the votes right now to pass the policies we need. The beauty of a PAC is that we pool our resources to send a message from mothers about mothers. When candidates get money from The Mother PAC, they'll know our vision, and will work to turn it into a reality.

Join me to learn about - and support! - The Mother PAC
I hope you'll join me for a house party in July to raise funds for The Mother PAC's inaugural election cycle. Yes, it's a fundraiser! I am inviting my mama friends whom I think really get these issues (that's you!) to be part of this amazing, mother-driven effort to fight for what we know families need. And you can even use your "free" Oregon political tax credit to break even when you donate (total win-win).***

We'll also.....have fun in the backyard, meet great people, and learn more about The Mother PAC's efforts, our goals, and the candidates we plan to support. Kids, partners and other friends (especially mamas!) are most welcome!

Summer house party details:

WHERE: The home of (PAC co-founder) Tara West @ 6435 E Burnside, on the corner of NE 65th Ave.
WHEN: Thursday, July 29th 5:30 to 7:30 PM
FOOD: Light snacks, drinks and dinner for kids.

RSVP - Email me now or ponder it till I send a real invite in July. I really hope you can make it!
***In Oregon you can get a full tax credit for contributing $50 (individual filer) or $100 (joint filer) to a political campaign or political action committee (PAC). More on that here:

PS - Two recent articles on the issues that provide excellent context:

In Sweden, men can have it all (NY Times)
Why Unpaid Maternity Leave Isn't Enough (Wash Post)

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