Saturday, December 17, 2011

Book Review - The Autobiography of Santa Claus

As told by Jeff Guinn

This book is perfect to read with older kids as they transition from a deep belief in Santa to questioning his existence and finally to understanding why Christmas is magical even if the big guy doesn't visit your house.

The story chronicals Santa's life from being a little boy in 280 AD to when the magic starts to happen to meeting his wife and fellow gift givers. In the end everyone is left to still believe in Santa but also to understand that we all have to embody Santa's spirit because he can't be everywhere and he has to focus on the kids that really need him.

It's a long read, 280 pages, and too difficult for kids to read to themselves. It will be best enjoyed read out loud, cuddled under a blanket by a fire. I read the book to Jordan last year, when she was 8, and she loved it. She still thinks Santa is a possibility but understands that she has to be Santa too.

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