Tuesday, December 20, 2011

family update 12/19/11 - complete!

hello mamas and friends ~

Delivery complete! In addition to EVERYTHING on the requested lists, we were able to add: lotion, conditioner, Kleenex, and a few holiday items (for both families); batteries, three board games, gloves, holiday gloves, used leap kid computers, and holiday books (for the girls). We raised $725 in cash and gift cards; plus whatever each mama spent who shopped on their own.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and shopped. My running friend Amanda, her son Oliver and my son Owen did the final shopping at Fred Meyer on Saturday. Where if you tell them you are helping another family are extremely helpful finding sales items, coupons, discounts and dealing with cash, gift cards, etc. The boys were very funny trying to pick out dolls and games for the girls. And had many opinions on what kind of black shoes a teenage boy would like.

In addition to the cityMama donations, other staff at PBOT, some of my mama friends and my mom contributed and shopped.

Thanks again for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Happy Holidays.

Courtney co-chair, cityMamas

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